Dark Witch by Katerina Martinez

Dark Witch by Katerina Martinez (Amber Lee #2)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | EPUB | 305 KB

An ancient evil reborn. An old friend in trouble. One witch stands between them.
The strangest thing about near-death experiences is they put the world into perspective, and when your world stopped making sense some time ago, moments of clarity become precious commodities. But perspective alone isn’t enough to prepare me against the kind of terror I’m about to face.
Something evil has wormed its way into my town, maybe even into my house. It’s already started affecting me, and it may be affecting my friends. I don’t know what it is, who woke it up, or what it wants, but whatever it is, it’s destroying what little stability I’ve been able to create in the wake of the attempt on my life. The worst part isn’t that my life is falling apart, or the awful truth I learn about Damien; the worst part is when I see Aaron. I thought I had it bad, but Aaron has it worse. In fact, he could be the reason why all of this is happening to me.
This Yuletide, there’s going to be blood in the snow. 

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