Dark’s Dominion by Joshua David Bellin

Dark’s Dominion by Joshua David Bellin (Book of the Huntress #2)
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | eBook | 538 KB

The darkness spreads. The hunter becomes the hunted.
After their fatal confrontation with the Skaldi in the Pennsylvania woodlands, Michelle and her fellow survivors travel west in search of a safe haven untouched by the creatures. In her case, Michelle hopes to find the mountains where she and Kareem dreamed of starting a new life.

What she finds instead is a country turned into a wasteland, with the Skaldi rapidly replacing the human population. When Michelle learns that she is pregnant, she seeks refuge in the western desert, where she is welcomed by a group of military scientists occupying a heavily fortified base. But there are those among the scientists who are working to develop an even deadlier strain of Skaldi, and Michelle must fight to protect her colony–and her unborn child–before this new terror is unleashed on the world.

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