Dead Ahead by Eve Paludan

Dead Ahead by Eve Paludan
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 265 KB

Vampire for Hire Samantha Moon’s newest client owns a donut shop, but this case is anything but sweet!
Sam’s newest private investigation case involves surveillance of a female narcotics detective who works the graveyard shift. She’s a hard woman to track down, and when Sam finally catches up to her, she discovers the police detective’s shocking secret!
Sam’s treading in dangerous territory, so she hires her werewolf lawyer boyfriend, Kingsley, to assist her on this case.

Meanwhile, Sam’s kids, Tammy and Anthony, team up to find a missing girl before it’s too late—they even drag Fang into it! Tammy struggles with her increasing mind-reading powers. And Anthony—with his supernatural strength and flaming arms—is all that stands between Tammy and eternity.
As Sam’s P.I. case intersects with Tammy and Anthony’s rescue mission, an outbreak of teen vampires propels this Moon family mystery adventure toward its stunning conclusion!

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