Dead Below Zero by Sten Ostberg (ePUB)

Dead Below Zero by Sten Ostberg
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 183 KB

Underneath a freezing Norwegian blizzard murderous passions are burning …
The snowstorm is at its height when Karl and Marte Vollan are dragged from their beds by a frantic phone call from Marte’s older sister Brynja.
The couple must immediately leave their isolated farmhouse in rural Norway and head out into the raging storm. Why? And where are they going?
They are bound for the luxurious home Brynja shared with her husband, Kjell and teenage son, Vigar, on the outskirts of Tromso just 15 minutes away.
When they get there, they find a murder scene. And Karl is a policeman. But this, he discovers, is a family affair and the instinct to protect is strong.
There is a body in a car, in a frozen pond…
Only it’s not that simple.
How many times do you have to kill somebody before they die?
The Scandinavian storm keeps howling … covering tracks … concealing traps.
As Karl and Marte wrestle to understand what has happened some unpleasant secrets begin emerge.
There is a threat to commit suicide, more attempts to murder. A body is locked in a coffin-like woodbin with the air and time running out…
As the sense of inescapable claustrophobia tightens, is it possible that any of them not guilty of hiding the truth about themselves and their relationships?
And the phones – where are the phones? How can they contact the outside world for help? Is it a perfect storm?

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