Dead Ringer by James D Mortain

Dead Ringer by James D Mortain
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 332 KB

They left him for dead. Now he’s back. And he wants revenge…
When the discarded body of a young woman sparks a manhunt on the streets of Bristol, striking similarities to another murder suggest there’s only one detective for the job. But he’s in disgrace and self-imposed exile.

Bitter from a promotional snub and professionally embarrassed by his last failed murder case, DI Robbie Chilcott lives a life of seclusion. But now he has a chance to restore some pride and put a deadly serial killer behind bars.
Back where he belongs, it doesn’t take Chilcott long to establish a shocking link between the victims: both were daughters of SAS veterans. As the investigation deepens, so the realisation dawns that he is pursuing a methodical, calculating and ruthless adversary.

He’s a hunting a professional, accomplished in the dark art of death and trained to the highest military levels of escape, evasion and survival. If Chilcott is to gain an advantage and end the bloodshed, he must break from the shackles of law and place his trust in one of the most secretive and tight-knit military units.
But will they turn on one of their own?

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