Deadly by Craig Halloran

Deadly by Craig Halloran
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 520 KB

More enemies abound ….
Betrayed by the Black Hand yet again, Nath finds himself in the battle of his life with ruthless enemies attacking from all sides.
Friends or foes…
Meanwhile, as his bonds grow stronger with Calypsa the half-dryad and Hacksaw the old knight, Lord Darkken begins to take command and leading Nath on a perilous journey with the dubios dark elven brothers of the wind.
Breaking through the chains…
With a new journey ahead, Nath old allies from Dragon Home begin to surface when the king of the dragon, Balzurth, returns, and learns of the elven Trahaydeen’s treachery. Slivver, Nath’s dragon brother, is teamed up with another unlikely pair to go and save their friend from utter destruction and despair.

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