Deadly Cage by Tom Howard

Deadly Cage by Tom Howard (Cage #3)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 350 KB

Wyatt must lay everything on the line as he attempts to save not only Jess and Natalie but also prevent a war between angels and demons. The only way to thwart this travesty is to find the Key of Light, a small amulet once believed to be a myth by The Guardian Order, now a necessity to keep innocence safe. In Maddock’s hands, the key will allow him to open a gateway straight into the heart of Heaven and unleash the full power of Hell’s might…revenge for their fall from grace.

The struggle, however, comes when Wyatt is told his daughter is the sacrificial lamb to be slain by none other than her mother, to bring forth Maddock’s own son so he may lead his father’s army against Heaven. Enraged, Wyatt leads the charge to find his family, but is warned not to give in to the power within, if he lets his angelic half consume him, he will no longer be allowed to remain on earth to live the life of peace for which he so desperately longs, he will have no other choice but to return to Heaven a full-fledged angel. However, to defeat Maddock, he may have to pay with the cost of his mortal soul.

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