Deadly Obsession by Michael Kerr (ePUB)

Deadly Obsession by Michael Kerr
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | 408 KB

Detective Inspector Jack Ryder is investigating the ritualistic murders of several young women. The perpetrator he seeks is a stalker/killer; a psychopath who leaves a unique behavioural signature at each horrific and bloody scene, and is motivated by a compulsion he cannot deny. This is a sadist who leaves no trace evidence, and seemingly strikes at random.
It is with the input from Dr Lisa Norton, a criminal psychologist who specialises in evaluating the motivational and destructive urges of sexual predators, that Jack comes to understand the nature of the repeat murderer that he is determined to apprehend.
The killer is infatuated with the actress Dawn Turner, and has stalked, written to, and even spoken to her on the phone over a period of almost two years. It is as he attempts to form what is an unrequited relationship with Dawn that he begins to vent his growing anger and impatience, by stalking and murdering look-alikes to the woman of his dreams.
As the body count rises, Jack eventually uncovers the identity of the killer. But knowing his quarry’s name is only half of the problem solved. The hard part, to locate and take him down, has only just begun.

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