Deadly Treament by David McLeod

Deadly Treament by David McLeod
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 348 KB

How does a man, living on borrowed time, correct nearly a century of suppression, threats, litigation, treachery, and murder all having one sole aim: to ensure conventional medicine remains an extremely lucrative business?
Anthony Cain’s cancer will kill him soon; he knows it and so does Elwood, the man contracted to find and bring him back — dead or alive. But before he dies, Cain is desperate to put an end to the unforgivable wrongs of the corporation he works for.
Across town, while it’s true young Joshua Costello is no little angel; and it’s also true he’s given his mother, Erin, a fair share of problems recently; she knows her son is not just another runaway — despite what the LAPD think. She’s sure there’s something more sinister involved; and she’s also sure there’s only one man who can help to find him — Michael Malone.
In a cleverly contrived plot, the reader meets some memorable characters, learns about the dark history of the suppression of alternative medicine’s therapies, all while being led through a number of interwoven kidnap situations that bring us up to date with Michael Malone and his associates we first met in the author’s earlier book, “Christ Clone”.

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