Death and Deception by Seeley James

Death and Deception by Seeley James (Sabel Security #9)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 998 KB

Decorated former Ranger Jacob Stearne must discover why secret cabals are willing to kill for an ancient artifact in the newest addition to Seeley James’s sensational Sabel Security series.

Jacob and his fiancé Jenny, plan their future during their adventure deep in the Yucatán to repatriate a Mayan artifact. Together they hope to leave the past behind them and start anew. They arrive at the remote excavation site only to have one expert declare their stone age carving a fake and another call it the destroyer of civilizations. While the power of myth is debatable, Jacob and Jenny’s good intentions quickly turn dangerous when a murderous executioner comes in search of their relic.

Three warring secret societies draw Jacob ever deeper into their competing beliefs forcing him to choose sides. Then a series of events leave him mystified: a hostage who doesn’t want to be rescued; freedom fighters who sabotage his efforts; and a professor who reveals far too little of the ancient lore. Everyone wants his help, but no one will tell him why. Sifting through unreliable alliances, Jacob must determine whose cause is just and whose is a myth.

As Jacob peels back layers of sinister sects, he uncovers plots against the world’s largest economies. With tight security by the finest police, he leaves it to the experts. But his deep concerns lead to a revelation. How can he explain a threat posed an archaic legend without sounding insane? Jacob will need to marshal his extraordinary Ranger skills, and to enlist help from both friends and enemies alike, to root out a diabolically evil plan … before the few remaining democracies lose their freedoms.

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