Death Beyond the Limit by B.M. Allsopp

Death Beyond the Limit by B.M. Allsopp (Fiji Islands #3)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 350 KB

Can a landlubber detective combat evil on the high seas?
Inspector Joe Horseman stares into the eyes of a disembodied head, horrified. The head, fished out of a shark’s gut, is soon dubbed Jona by the media. Did the tiger shark kill Jona or was he already dead when it clamped its teeth around his neck?

Jona’s identity eludes Horseman, despite his dogged hunt for evidence with Sergeant Susie Singh. Not until another grisly find washes up can Horseman begin to put the pieces together. As he pursues lead after lead, he enters an unknown world beyond the limit of Fiji’s territorial seas.

Horseman must battle ruthless criminals, bureaucracy and even the law itself to dredge up the answers. But answers may not be enough. Will Jona’s death be just another among the countless crimes that sink without trace on the lawless high seas?

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