Death Card by A.C. Wilds

Death Card by A.C. Wilds
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 367 KB

Azra Sumner is hiding.
A past she can’t escape, and stuck in a cage of her own making, she tries to settle into a normal life.
Except she isn’t normal, she never was, but she is about to find out just how exceptional she is.
Greyson’s job is simple. Hunt the things that imprisoned him and bring them back to the Light, but when he meets Azra, things don’t seem so clear anymore.
Cassiel is a prince, the heir to the throne. His existence has been ordinary until a inky haired temptress shows him how extraordinary it can be.
Thrown into the world of the Fae and forced to make some hard choices, Azra is given her purpose; protect the weak and destroy the wrong.
The Fae who claim to be angels and messengers of the gods aren’t holy. They want Azra for reasons she can’t understand, and she must follow along to survive.
Light, Dark
Good, Evil
The lines will blur.

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