Death Cycle by Logan Ryles

Death Cycle by Logan Ryles (Reed Montgomery #6)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 600 KB

Reed Montgomery is an ex-Marine turned vigilante, and he’s on a warpath for justice against the man who destroyed his family.

After uncovering a sordid child-trafficking operation outside of New Orleans, Reed is ready for the final push to tear down Aiden Philips’s criminal empire. Surrounded by a team of vigilantes as ruthless and determined as himself, Reed only needs to know where to strike.

An orchestrated encounter with a shadowy informant gives Reed the opportunity he needs: the secrets to taking down Aiden lie in the jungles of Colombia, where the heart of Aiden’s operation beats in secret. Reed is ready and willing to carry his war across international borders, but the jungles of Colombia are a strange and violent place, and threatening Aiden’s empire will trigger a bloodier battle than ever before.

Death Cycle is the thrilling sixth installment of the action-thriller Reed Montgomery Series. The adventure continues!

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