Death Match by Lincoln Child (ePUB)

Death Match by Lincoln Child
English | 2015 | Mystery, Thriller | 1.8 MB

Everyone’s looking for the perfect match, a life-long partner, and Lewis and Lindsay Thorpe have found theirs, thanks to hi-tech matchmaker Eden Inc. But when the happy couple’s life together ends in what looks like a double suicide, Eden Inc. has some explaining to do. So they hire forensic psychologist Christopher Lash to figure out what went wrong. And then another perfect match ends in death…

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    Are you aware that both Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer are putting a red screen (of death?) reporting that is infected with MALWARE which might cause sall sorts of mayhem to the user’s computer.

    Forced a download and immediately scanned the file with Avast which reports “No virus found”, that includes by definition all malware in the updated malware data base.

    Jeffrey 👿

    • Yes, I was having the same trouble. . . for me it’s the blue screen of death! I ignored it, but it was still startling.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome, really great, thank you so much, very,very 😀 🙂 😛 grateful and appreciative.

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