Death Prophets by Steve Armstrong

Death Prophets by Steve Armstrong (Strange Gravities #3)
English | 2018 | Supernatural Mystery | ePUB | 445 KB

Grace’s dreams are finally coming true. Unfortunately, that means people are dying.
For seven straight nights, Grace Murphy dreams of a man she’s never met. After the dreams stop, and the stranger shows up in an obituary, the young woman realizes the chilling fact that her dreams are breaking into reality. When visions of another stranger begin haunting her at night, Grace enlists the aid of Matt Harrison, a local Private Investigator, to track this new man down so she can warn him of his looming fate.

Though skeptical of Grace’s claim, Harrison is moved to help her. With the assistance of his brother John, a police detective, and Felicia Monroe, a local reporter, they discover that Grace’s dreams are intertwined with a tragic mystery that is decades old and more recent events that rocked the small upstate New York town of Woodside. Together, the four new allies race against time to not only save the man from Grace’s dreams but also stop a dangerous character with seemingly supernatural abilities who’s killed before and might be planning an even deadlier attack.

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