Defiled by Mike Nemeth

Defiled by Mike Nemeth
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.2 MB

Florida entrepreneur Randle Marks has just been served with divorce papers by his wife Carrie. It’s not a shock. Conniving, loveless, and adulterous, she’s more of a threat. Randall’s new startup is about to go global, and the millions he’ll rack up will be fair game. He needs a master manipulator on his side—someone like attorney Tony Zambrana who’s already devising a cunning strategy to outwit the voracious soon-to-be divorcée.

But Carrie has more on her side than Randle can imagine: outdated laws, shady judges, a dogged detective, and a cutthroat publicity-hungry prosecutor. Not to mention Carrie’s capricious twin sister, and the greedy officers of the court who are more than willing to pit one bull against the other. To win at this increasingly brutal contest, Randle agrees to become the bait in an elaborate and dangerous trap. But for both Carrie and Randle, the cost of losing could be their very lives.

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