Deja Food by Mary-Anne Boermans

Deja Food: Second Helpings of Classic British Dishes by Mary-Anne Boermans
English | 2017 | Food & Cooking | ePUB | 52 MB

Mary-Anne Boermans believes passionately that traditional British food, refined over centuries, can be tastier, healthier, more exciting and easier to prepare than anything mass-produced. Moreover, it also offers ways to save money and drastically reduce food wastage. Calling for a return to the food of times past, this book celebrates how the British used to eat, being inventive with the less expensive cuts of meat, using richly flavored leftovers to create stunning new dishes, making the most of seasonal ingredients served simply and deliciously in ways we have forgotten. It’s frugal, but full of flavor, deliciously different, yet proudly traditional. This delectable collection includes recipes for meat, poultry, game, offal, vegetable and fish. There are skinks, hashes, puddings and pies. Goose, shrimp, parsnips et al will be potted, stewed and fricasseed into hearty, flavorful food that stands up to the best modern recipes. And Mary-Anne will reveal the fascinating stories behind the dishes. Includes metric measures.

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