Deliver the Goods by Jamie Davis

Deliver the Goods by Jamie Davis (The Delivery Mage #2)
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 445 KB

When a black-ops mage smuggles goods to a parallel world, he’ll have to storm a witch trial to keep his clients alive…

Baltimore, 2055. Ex-special ops mage Kurt Carter needs serious cash in a hurry. With a biker gang demanding immediate debt collection, he hopes an easy supply run through Earth’s shiny new interstellar portals will put his troubles behind him. But when his researcher customers are nowhere to be found on a backwater world where magic users are strung up as witches, Kurt’s worried this gig could be his last.

With the help of his sexy, gun-loving sidekick Marci, Kurt pivots his delivery mission into a daring extraction. Distracted by newfound feelings for his partner, the smuggler must focus his attention on a church Cardinal with deadly ulterior motives. Can Kurt and Marci rescue the scientists and pocket the proceeds or will his debt be paid with their lives?

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