Demon Bone by Kara Silver

Demon Bone by Kara Silver (The Demons of Oxford #1)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 300 KB

Ancient demons at Heylel College are taking tuition in payments of blood.
When eighteen-year-old orphan Kennedy Smith wins a scholarship to Heylel College, Oxford, she’s too excited to be concerned that her birthmark starts itching the moment she sets foot on campus. But seeing her birthmark displayed in the creepy old museum that employs her has her reconsidering things. Especially when she realizes it’s part of an exhibition on Demonology. That’s not even a real thing, is it?
Within days, Kennedy stumbles across dark and dangerous secrets. Girls are going missing, have been for some time, and no one seems to care. After a series of discoveries brings the disappearances very close to home, Kennedy becomes determined to investigate, no matter the risk.
She may have found just the help she needs to crack the case in the mysterious Aethelstan, who claims to be part of the college despite never being seen in lectures or at tutorials. He clearly knows more than he’s saying, but is he helping her…or trying to stop her?

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