Die Another Day by Baileigh Higgins (ePUB)

Die Another Day by Baileigh Higgins (Dangerous Days Book 3)
English | 2017 | Horror | 560 KB

The Dead have Risen
Nadia, alone and frightened, runs not only from the infected but also the guilt that hounds her footsteps.
Haunted by the death of his beloved, Logan wanders the highways in search of peace and redemption.
Max fights a daily battle to keep the survivors in the camp going, faced with ever-growing challenges while a new enemy rises. One who will not be defeated without great sacrifice.
Another day dawns in the South African veldt, shining on the remnants of humanity. A few hold on to their values while others prey on the weak, replacing the undead as the new apex predator in the food chain.
Has the countdown begun?

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