Disciplined by Hardship by Matt Levin

Disciplined by Hardship by Matt Levin (Natonus Refuge #3)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 430 KB

War has returned to the Natonus System’s outer rim. The Earthborn sleeper vessel Preserver—along with the 30 million refugees still in cryo—is caught in the crossfire.
The refugees’ position is more vulnerable than ever. To save the Preserver, they must simultaneously rally the Natonese people against the brewing war in the outer rim, aid their beleaguered allies, and discover the true aims of the Offspring: the nativist terrorist organization that engineered the conflict.
Isadora Satoro and her team find themselves caught in a web of treachery, wrath, and deceit. But the biggest secrets of the system might not come from their enemies. The refugees will have to decide their place in both the Natonus System and the galaxy at large.

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