Disturbed by Her Song by Tanith Lee (ePUB, MOBI)

Disturbed by Her Song by Tanith Lee
English | 2012 | Fantasy | 1.3 MB

Disturbed by Her Song collects the work of Esther Garber and her half-brother Judas Garbah, the mysterious family of writers that Tanith Lee has been channeling for the past few years. Possibly autobiographical, frequently erotic and darkly surreal, their fiction takes place in a variety of eras and places, from Egypt in the 1940s, to England in the grip of the Pre-Raphaelites, to gaslit Paris.

• Black Eyed Susan, by Esther Garber
• The Kiss, by Esther Garber
• Alexandrians, by Judas Garbah
• Death and the Maiden, by Esther Garber
• Fleurs en Hiver, by Judas Garbah
• The Crow, by Judas Garbah

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