Divided: 2120 by Brian Savage

Divided: 2120 by Brian Savage
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 280 KB

In the 2100s the second civil war ripped the country apart; the two sides at a bloody stalemate, until the Corporation took a side. Adding the latest in A.I. technology to the fray, they upset the balance in the capitalists’ favor. Emerging as the heroes, the Corporation took it’s place as the founder of the new capitalist utopia. Using the same technology that had ensured their victory, the Corporation streamlined all areas of life which had once been encumbered by past political partisanship. Infrastructure grew at an exponential rate, the quality of life increased for all, and fairness and equality became a matter of virtue and national pride. It was the perfect economic and political system, at least, it seemed that way.

Enter Agent Jack Ray Ripley or the Corporation’s Detection, Investigation, and Elimination division. He fought for the capitalists during the war, cleared cities door-to-door during the purges, and now hunted the socialist terrorists that threatened the new utopian system. Through all of this, he felt, that something wasn’t quite right. He questioned himself, he questioned the system, and he questioned the small metal implant beneath his right ear. Everything seemed at ease in the world, but he knew that in capitalism, nothing came free.

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