Divining the Dead by Wendy Cartmell

Divining the Dead by Wendy Cartmell
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 447 KB

The dead ares creaming. The only person who can hear them is DI Jo Wolfe.
After a great result in their last case, DI Jo Wolfe and her team decide to celebrate with a meal in a popular Italian in central Chichester. As Jo approaches the restaurant the unthinkable happens – a bomb detonates inside, and she has to witness the death of the diners.

In the aftermath, Jo finds out that the target was a local MP and she receives a warning from the group responsible. They intend to kill politicians, “painting red the powers’ homes with crimson gore.” They want to rid the UK of corrupt and incompetent MPs.

Can Jo rise above her grief and stop the ultra-right-wing group in their tracks?
Will the visions from the dead help her?
Or will she be hampered by despair, as she communicates with them?

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