Djinn by Chris Paton (ePUB, MOBI)

Djinn by Chris Paton (Hanover and Singh #4)
English | 2016 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 938 KB

The Passage of Time has been opened and the siege of Arkhangelsk has begun.
Djinn, the fourth book in the Adventures of Hanover and Singh, pulls the different threads of the series together, throwing the Hanovers and their allies into close quarters with steam-powered machines, time demons, Cossack rebels and djinn as they race to close the Passage of Time and free the city of Arkhangelsk.
While Luise Hanover steams north with the Wallendorf war machine, Hari travels to Afghanistan in search of an old friend who just might tip the balance in the coming battle.
Djinn is the fourth Steampunk Adventure set in Central Asia and Russia in the 1850s, full of heavy metal battles, ancient beings, Cossacks, smoke and steam.

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