Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown by Various Authors

Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown by Various Authors
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | eBook | 15 MB

While staying home was a vital safety measure in 2020, the freedom of the TARDIS remained a dream that drew many – allowing them to roam the cosmos in search of distraction, reassurance and adventure. Now some of the finest TV Doctor Who writers come together with gifted illustrators in this very special short story collection.

Current and former showrunners – Chris Chibnall Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat – present exciting adventures for the Doctor conceived in confinement, alongside brand new fiction from Neil Gaiman, Mark Gatiss and Vinay Patel. Also featuring work from Chris Riddell, Joy Wilkinson, Paul Cornell, Sonia Leong, Sophie Cowdrey, Mike Collins and many more, Adventures in Lockdown is a book for any Doctor Who fan in your life, stories that will send your heart spinning wildly through time and space…

Things She Thought While Falling by Chris Chibnall
The Terror of the Umpty Ums by Steven Moffat
Doctor Who and the Time War by Russell T Davies
Revenge of the Nestene by Russell T Davies
Rory’s Story by Neil Gaiman
One Virtue, and a Thousand Crimes by Neil Gaiman
The Simple Things by Joy Wilkinson
The Tourist by Vinay Patel
Press Play by Pete McTighe
The Shadow Passes by Paul Cornell
Shadow of a Doubt by Paul Cornell
The Shadow in the Mirror by Paul Cornell
Fellow Traveller by Mark Gatiss
Listen by Steven Moffat
The Secret of Novice Hame by Russell T Davies

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