Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas by Various Authors (ePUB)

Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas by Jacqueline Rayner, Colin Brake, Richard Dungworth, Mike Tucker, Gary Russell, Scott Handcock
English | 2016 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 2.6 MB

A new collection of illustrated Christmas adventures, starring twelve incarnations of the Doctor plus many of his friends and enemies.
Inside this festive book of Doctor Who stories, you’ll find timey-wimey mysteries, travels in the TARDIS, monster-chasing excitement and plenty of Christmas magic. Find out what happens when the Third Doctor meets Jackie Tyler, the Seventh Doctor and Ace encounter an alien at Macy’s department store, and the Ninth Doctor tries to get Rose a red bicycle for Christmas.

1. All I Want for Christmas by Jacqueline Rayner
2. A Comedy of Terrrors by Colin Brake
3. The Christmas Inversion by Jacqueline Rayner
4. Three Wise Men by Richard Dungworth
5. Sontar’s Little Helpers by Mike Tucker
6. Fairy Tale of New New York by Gary Russell
7. The Grotto by Mike Tucker
8. The Ghost of Christmas Past by Scott Handcock
9. The Red Bicycle by Gary Russell
10 Loose Wire by Richard Dungworth
11 The Gift by Scott Handcock
12 The Persistence of Memory by Colin Brake

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