Don’t Let Me Die by Alex Sinclair

Don’t Let Me Die by Alex Sinclair
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 306 KB

Your husband or your son… whose life do you save? Emma’s life seems perfect. Living in a quiet town with her hard-working husband, Darren, and her loving teenage son, Frank, everything is going to plan. That is until a killer holds her family at gunpoint and makes her choose: Darren or Frank?
Only one of the two people she loves most in the world can live. If she doesn’t sacrifice one, the psycho in the mask will kill them both.
After ‘the event,’ as Emma’s therapist calls it, her mind protects itself by omitting the decision she made. Now locked away in a psychiatric hospital, she must deal with the choice she made that day or face a life of uncertainty.
As Emma’s mind travels from before and after ‘the event,’ she comes to realize that her life wasn’t so perfect. Secrets and a troubled past will emerge from the dark, forcing her to remember who she chose. Will she be able to face reality, or will the truth destroy her mind forever?

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