Don’t Let Me In by Phil Kurthausen

Don’t Let Me In by Phil Kurthausen
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 338 KB

How do you escape when you’ve set your own trap?
From behind the locked door of her home, Sarah broadcasts her popular podcast. When she starts to seek the truth about the murder of a teenage girl 12 years earlier, she soon finds herself the centre of unwanted attention.
While trying to manage her agoraphobia, as well as the online trolls and her family life, Sarah begins to uncover some uncomfortable facts relating to the cold case.
As she edges closer to accusing someone of the murder, the online threats soon become physical and as the outside world draws closer and closer to her front door threatening her home, her family and her life, Sarah must decide between fight or flight…

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  1. the premise sounds interesting, but there is a different book in both of the links. Please share the actual ebook if possible.

    Thanks & regards.

  2. the book from both links is a different one. please reupload the actual book.

  3. Works perfectly now, thank you Figaro!

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