Doomsday is on Wednesday by Sean Bela

Doomsday is on Wednesday by Sean Bela
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 148 KB

When you cost the government a cool $270 billion, you know your life is over.
When you uncover the largest illegal research project in history, you’re as good as dead.
Earl Swinger is on the run from sinister Nay Slayer agents. He’s got his good name, a cryptic message from a consortium of tech Crunchers – who’ve all mysteriously vanished, and a head start. The Nay Slayer agents can only be compared to the Devil.
The Nay Slayers are private agents genetically engineered with bloodhound genes. They track, watch and move in on their target. When the time is perfect, they’ll set the target up for the cruelest and most epic death imaginable. Then the collection begins – leaving no evidence after the fact – a feat which often stumps the most lauded forensic science teams on the planet.
The public wants the truth, but can Earls survive long enough against the Nay Slayers to expose the biggest government conspiracy of the century?

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