Dragon Strike by Eileen Mueller

Dragon Strike by Eileen Mueller
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.2 MB

Ezaara, the Queen’s Rider, is preparing her people for war. Against new enemies more formidable than anything they’ve faced before…
While dragon riders Ezaara and Roberto are on their hand-fasting holiday in Naobia, sinister figures from their pasts threaten to destroy them. Their enemies dog them with every wingbeat as they flee north knowing these skirmishes are the first wave in an inevitable war.

A dark dragon horde with terrifying powers rises over the snowy peaks of Dragon’s Hold, killing dragons and riders. After Kierion accidentally destroys the last of the life-giving piaua juice, he’s sent to infiltrate the cutthroat Nightshader gang and uncover the enemy’s plans. But the shocking beings he discovers riding the shadow beasts threaten the survival of Dragons’ Realm.
As Ezaara and Roberto rush to defend Dragon’s Hold, they’re forced to fight the terrifying monsters.
Will Ezaara’s courage and Kierion’s daring be enough to save everything they love from being consumed in fire?

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