Dreams of Ithaca by Dave Brunetti

Dreams of Ithaca by Dave Brunetti
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 388 KB

A death sentence for planet Earth. A daring plan to find a new Home. One man to determine the fate of us all.
After ten years of sacrifice and countless trillions spent, Dr. Ramsey has finally brought hope of salvation to the human race. The colony ship, Dr. Ramsey’s ticket to immortality, is ready.

As armageddon draws near, five thousand are chosen from every corner of the globe to become the seed of a new humanity. Ithaca, the new world of the human race, awaits.
But as the ship departs on its odyssey across the stars, one of Ramsey’s own innovations threatens to cut his life, and the future of the human race, tragically short. Ramsey must come to grips with the sacrifices he’s made to get this far, and find a way to protect his ship, his people, and his legacy… even if it kills him.

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