Dubious Knowledge: Doubtful Facts, Twisted History and Other Humorosities by Dan Van Oss (ePUB)

Dubious Knowledge: Doubtful Facts, Twisted History and Other Humorosities by Dan Van Oss (Book #1)
English | Humor & Entertainment | EPUB | 230 Kb

If you like learning with a lively dose of laughter, you’ll love this hilarious book full of fishy facts, twisted history, and general “Dubious Knowledge” from award-winning humor columnist Dan Van Oss.
"Dan’s style is like The Best of Dave Barry meets The Best of Dennis Miller."
"Laughed out loud and snickered and smiled."
"I absolutely loved it! The author’s sense of humor is amazing!"
"Van Oss’s style reminds me somewhat of Douglas Adams. Very witty phrases full of Pythonesque non-sequitors."
"Really funny! Extremely enjoyable. Can’t wait to read more from Dan Van Oss."
Collected from the best of his weekly “Dubious Knowledge Institute” humor column, these 25 side-splitting features will keep you laughing while you learn about:
The Fourth of July: “In Philadelphia, ships were decked out in red, white, and blue bunting, while an official dinner for the Continental Congress was held to determine what ‘bunting’ was.”
Chocolate: “The botanical name of the chocolate plant is Theobramba cacao, which is, coincidentally, the same sound your lower intestine makes after eating an entire bag of M&Ms.”
Lawn care: “The difference between a fertilized lawn and an unfertilized one is about $200.”
Father’s Day: “Father’s Day was created to complement Mother’s Day, because, without fathers, we wouldn’t have anyone to forget to get a card for Mother’s Day.”
The Kentucky Derby: "Women attending the race traditionally wear large, elaborate hats, which are used to hide the fact that they are drinking so many mint juleps.”
Evoking the laugh out loud wit of classic Dave Barry and the British quirkiness of Douglas Adams and Monty Python, Dan expertly melds fact and fiction into a zany mixture of learning and laughter.

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