Dungeon Worlds by Aurora Weiss

Dungeon Worlds by Aurora Weiss
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 786 KB

The car crash was the last thing I remembered… then I woke up here. Where “here” was felt like an impossible nightmare. I died, but this wasn’t what I’d expected to find when they said I’d meet my maker.
The afterlife is just like a video game, except I didn’t start in a noob world like everybody else. I started out on one of the most challenging dungeon worlds meant only for ancient souls who’ve been dead much longer than I have…
Welcome to Epoc.

I don’t have the right stats for this place, not even a little bit. I’m in complete noob gear with the standard human sword and shield. I don’t even have any crafting skills to make a decent breakfast with the high tier ingredients in this place.
Dying in the afterlife is even worse than dying on Earth. Earth, you only die once, but here, you can die over and over again and each one is just as miserable as the last.
There’s only one way I can survive the cycle, one way to stay sane.
I need a power leveler… and fast.

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