Echo Chaser by Eden Wolfe, Craig Martelle

Echo Chaser by Eden Wolfe, Craig Martelle (Not Enough #2)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 630 KB

The circus comes to town every day, and the wonder never wears off.
Because it’s a dream. The magic that comes when dreamers want it the most, creating a world to disappear into.
An echo of reality.
Ravlen returns to increasingly complex echoes as the war for primacy has begun. Echo masters must win!
Or they lose all they’ve worked for.

Originals. Slip-ins. Who’s who? From the thunder and dark clouds of a closing echo, Ravlen discovers the truth.
Her truth and her way forward.
With the shimmer of an echo in front of her, Ravlen goes where the others cannot. Alone and afraid, but she has no choice. With a growing army of those bent on stopping her, where can she turn for help?

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