Empire of Mud by James Suriano

Empire of Mud by James Suriano
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 450 KB

After the tsunami, Shula could have stayed in her devastated but recovering village in Sri Lanka. But when a Middle Eastern man, speaking perfect Sinhala, shows up with a glossy brochure and promises of money to be made in Dubai as a domestic helper, she makes the difficult decision to leave her two young children and take the trip. When she arrives in Dubai, the city’s wealth and beauty astound her, and the new house where she’ll be working as a housecleaner appears exactly as advertised.

The first clue something isn’t right, however, comes when a picture of a young man shows up in her bathroom medicine cabinet. The second clue is the noises coming from behind it. The deadly forces of nature threatened to take Shula’s life once, but here the powers operating behind the glittery desert mirage threaten to devour her and never leave a trace.

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