Escape the Fear by R.D. Brady

Escape the Fear by R.D. Brady (Nola James #2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 305 KB

Justice is blind.
But Nola James is lethal.

Since the events in Georgia six months ago, the battle to help those the system has left behind has not slowed for former CIA operative Nola James.
Rafael Ortiz and his two children have been living under the protection of the United States government for nearly a year. But now with both a Mexican cartel and MS-13 on their trail, they have nowhere to turn and no safe harbor.

Now Nola must reach the Ortizes before the other dangerous players in this life-ending game of cat and mouse do. She must pull out all the stops to protect a family who has already been through too much.
And in the end, no matter what she does, Nola will come to realize that to protect the Ortizes there is truly only one choice: run or die.

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