Exodus by Lisa Farrell

Exodus by Lisa Farrell
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 565 KB

Ken “Express” Tenma was built for speed, which helps when you’re on the run from Jinteki Biotech, the corp that made him. After his underworld contact is murdered, he receives one last delivery job from her: rescue a clone and help her get to ChiLo, the “promised land” clones whisper of. Express isn’t wild about playing chauffeur, but the money’s too good to refuse. When he picks up his mark from a clone recycling facility, however, he realizes this job is going to be even more trouble than he bargained for: his mark is the famous sensie star Miranda Rhapsody, and she doesn’t know she’s a clone yet.

Together, they must escape from the Jinteki facility and make their way from the heart of New Angeles to the Colombian border, all while being dogged by a mysterious assassin and the psychic detective, Caprice Nisei. Can Express complete his delivery before Jinteki or the NAPD catches up with them for good?

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