Eye of the Vampire by Taylor Fray (ePUB)

Eye of the Vampire by Taylor Fray
English | 2017 | Fantasy | 140 KB

For Emily Masterson, life after high school was going to be perfect: going off to college and spending the rest of her life with her high school sweetheart, Vincent. But when he shows up in her room, pale, fanged, and bloodthirsty, her life is thrust into a world of darkness…
After Vincent goes missing, she must figure out just what he’s become, and what her place is in this newfound world of the supernatural. She begins studying witchcraft, but misuse of her powers leads her to a soul-crushing tragedy. The only way to reverse this tragic twist of fate is to find…. the Eye of the Vampire.
In the frozen forests of Grey Home, away from the human world, the 13 Moons Werewolf Clan has preserved its ancient ways. Zak Skarsgard has grown up with renown among his people, slaying monsters, laying with damsels and drinking mead. However, his clan’s most ancient enemy, the eldest of all vampires, is not dead as all believe; his twisted soul is encased in his supernaturally preserved Eye. Zak, proving himself worthy of his lineage, swears an oath to destroy it, at all costs.
Both Zak and Emily seek out the Eye, each with their own desires and fears. Only one can claim it for their purpose, and perhaps neither will survive.

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