Fallen Father by Chuck Driskell

Fallen Father by Chuck Driskell (Gage Hartline #6)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 432 KB

Gage Hartline is no stranger to murders, but he’s never set out to solve one – until now.
Due to his reputation as a man never to be trifled with, Gage is sought out by an aristocratic German widow. She’s convinced someone murdered her husband. Exacerbating the situation, she believes the killer now has her in their sights.
Worst of all, she suspects the killer is one of her children.

The widow reveals to Gage she’s dying of cancer. She doesn’t want him to solve the mystery of her husband’s killer. Rather, she merely wants Gage to remain by her side in her final days.
If only Gage’s life were so simple.

Upon his acceptance of the job, Gage finds the widow’s family riddled with dysfunction. Also, he’s not so sure the killer is one of the children. In short order, he discovers layer upon layer of corruption surrounding the family’s murdered patriarch. Illegal narcotics. Organized crime. Hordes of illicit cash. When Gage gets too close to the truth, the situation turns deadly. Very deadly.
Within weeks, Gage finds himself entwined in a mystery involving Europe’s elite – the kind of people used to getting what they want, when they want.
People who are quite comfortable operating on the edges of the law – and beyond.

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