Fallow Heart by K.C. Finn

Fallow Heart by K.C. Finn
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 901 KB

When a gruesome murder spree leads to the door of a teenage loser, she is forced to face the reality that something demonic is growing inside her.
Fallow Heart is the story of Lorelai Blake, a self-conscious, overweight seventeen-year-old who discovers that a demon has pierced her heart, sparking an incredible transformation. Sleepwalking, fits of rage and impossible strength force Lori to accept that part of her is no longer human. It was hard enough fitting in before, and now that hurtful voice in her head has taken an even more sinister tone. Worse than this, bodies are being discovered. People in Chester are dying and they have only one connection: a nocturnal killer who savages its prey.
Lori seeks help from the D.C., an organisation formed to treat infected children, but even they can’t protect her from the Harvest. When her powers reach their peak, the beast that infected her will return to consume those powers, killing her in the process. She learns the awful truth from a rebellious new friend, Kasabian, who seems to have found a way to avoid this grisly fate. With a detective on her back and a demon in her heart, Lori must master her darkness and follow the murder trail before it reaches the people she loves, and all before the terrifying Harvest sets in. Along the way, her outward insecurities pale in comparison to much bigger problems.
When you’re becoming more demonic by the day, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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