Family Ties by James Kipling (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Family Ties by James Kipling
English | 2016 | Mystery, Suspense | 1 MB

This is a murder mystery story that grows into a much larger tale of political intrigue and suspense. The story takes place in northwestern Montana, also known as Big Sky country. This part of America is renowned for its wide open spaces and simple way of life. Most people in this part of the country live close to the land.
The key characters of this story are cattle ranchers. It’s tough work that creates tough individuals. The closest town is Kalispell, which is situated along the second largest fresh water lake in America, the Flathead Lake. The town is one of the largest in the area, but still only holds a population of roughly 25,000 people. It’s a place where everybody knows everybody. Outside of the main town of Kalispell, there are wide open swaths of land.
When two FBI field agents go missing in this area, Agent Asa Clark is presented with specific challenges. There aren’t any cameras in this part of the country and most people keep to themselves. She has to resort to the most basic levels of investigation in order to get any help in solving this case. Most of the people in this area have right wing, conservative viewpoints about politics and that ideology plays a big part in the theme of this story.

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