Fatal Serum by Sam Black

Fatal Serum by Sam Black
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 808 KB

From the author of Avengement comes a gripping thriller of big pharma, government corruption, and a defiant doctor’s struggle for survival.

Ten years ago, doctorate student Sam Abbot created two astounding serums. One could prevent contagious diseases while the other was capable of blocking the harmful effects of air pollution on human lungs. Both could change the world. Shocked to have his miraculous work turned down by big pharma, Sam gets help from a wealthy rogue benefactor to start his own company. But when the drug companies see their profits dropping, they use their influence with a shady US senator to take out the competition. Now, just as Sam is about to go on a well-earned vacation, his wife mysteriously disappears—and Sam is named the prime suspect. Desperate and on the run, Sam must finally confront the powers that have haunted his life if he or his wife are to survive.

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