Fireborn Champion by A B Bradley (ePUB)

Fireborn Champion by A B Bradley (Unbreakable Iron #2)
English | Fantasy | EPUB | 338 Kb

Urum is a world of fading gods, forgotten magic, and a king with his eyes on all creation. Years have passed since the gods fell and a boy named Iron took his first breath. It’s too bad he might not have many left if a man calling himself the High King has his way. Demons loyal to the monarch scour snow, sea, and sand in search of the young man named for a metal, leaving destruction in their wake. They reduce whole cities to ash and put innocents in graves or slavers’ chains. If Iron can uncover the truth the old gods buried in the past, he might stop the king and end the suffering of this broken world. Then again, if gods feared the truth enough to hide it from mankind, it might not be the weapon Iron needs—or wants.

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