First Strike by Dean Crawford

First Strike by Dean Crawford (Tyler Griffin #1)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 382 KB

Libya, 1986: A valuable CIA source within the Gaddafi regime known only as “Minotaur” is exposed and goes on the run with his wife and daughter, pursued by Libyan soldiers. As he flees, so the CIA ramps up an attempt to liberate him before he is captured and returned to Tripoli for interrogation. Minotaur knows the identities of both CIA operatives and Libyan terrorist cells – whoever gets to him first, wins.

Cruising the Gulf of Sidra with the Navy’s sixth fleet is rookie F-14 Tomcat pilot Tyler Griffin, aboard USS America. On his first deployment, Tyler is struggling to keep up with the tough world of a naval aviator. But his linguistic skills in Arabic, learned from his mother, now put him firmly in the CIA’s sphere of interest. Between tangling with MiGs and operations aboard the carrier, Tyler finds himself caught up in a dangerous game between his CIA operative father, his intelligence analyst sister and Libyan terrorist cells determined to strike America’s heartland.

As the hunt for Minotaur intensifies, it becomes clear that nothing about the asset is as it seems, and Libyan terrorist cells strike first in the heart of Germany. With a war looming in the Gulf of Sidra and a lone-wolf terrorist stalking the streets of Washington DC, Tyler finds himself in a race against time to locate Minotaur and liberate them before America finds itself on the brink of a Third World War…

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