First To Die by Paul J. Teague

First To Die by Paul J. Teague (Morecambe Bay #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 315 KB

A sin from the past. An unspeakable evil. A death which will open old wounds …
When a mutilated body is found in an abandoned house on Morecambe’s seafront, the police are quick to disassociate it from a similar murder that shocked the resort in the 90s.
But the residents of Morecambe know what this is and they remember only too well the events which once shook the seaside town to its core.

Four children committed a shocking murder back in 1996 – and now history is repeating itself.
When Charlotte Grayson makes a chance connection between the death of her best friend’s father and the events that have divided the town, she stumbles across a secret that must be revealed.
Only there’s a killer lurking in the shadows who will protect this lie at any cost …

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