Fistful of Digits by Christopher Hodder-Williams (ePUB)

Fistful of Digits by Christopher Hodder-Williams
English | Science Fiction & Fantasy | EPUB | 381 Kb

The World Order has changed. Man no longer leads. He is led.
A natural successor to Orwell’s 1984, Fistful of Digits is one of the most terrifyingly prophetic novels of the 1960s.
It is a gripping sci fi story about humanity’s struggle and embrace with technological advancement, and the repercussions reaped on those scientists and engineers who seek control or fear a race of self-programming computers.
Mankind is not fully equipped to control the activities of self-determining computers.
They are all too ready to give up their identity to a future world of technology.
In this terrifying vision of a changing Earth, Hodder-Williams encapsulates all we fear in the modern era – the loss of what makes us human
One of the best anti-technological, pro-human pieces of science fiction that I have ever read’ The Sun

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