Flame Soul by Sandler L. Bryson

Flame Soul by Sandler L. Bryson
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 140 KB

Blood Oaths, Dark Magic, and Clashing Blades Hold Sway In Mythical Yambe! Can One Lone Tribesman Save His People and Keep His Soul?
In the harsh lands of the Naban all people are gifted with an affinity for elemental magic.

Kasim, the chieftain’s son, was born with a physical affliction. He is an outcast amongst his people. Despite this, he bears a talent for wielding the most elusive of the five elements—the power of Spirit. When his parents and his people are slaughtered by a rival tribe, Kasim swears to avenge their deaths. His oath will take him down a blood-strewn path of swashbuckling retribution.
In order to bring his vengeance to fruition Kasim will need help. Besides the powers of nature there are other (darker) powers that are eager to aid him in his quest. What will these powers demand in return? Will Kasim pay the price even if it means the loss of his very soul?

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