Flash Point by Kenneth Andrus

Flash Point by Kenneth Andrus
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 442 KB

An escalating regional crisis. World powers raising the stakes. Can one man prevent the ultimate disaster?

SEAL Commander Mike Rohrbaugh has been assigned to a Pacific Fleet staff job. But an increase in threatening activity in the South China Sea sets diplomatic waters churning. And when rogue Chinese Navy operatives seize a Filipino fishing boat, he’s ordered back into the field for a risky undercover operation.

With players in the Chinese, Philippine, and Vietnamese governments flexing their military muscles, Rohrbaugh knows the deteriorating situation could quickly lead to a world war. And when evidence surfaces of a nuclear threat, he knows he must beat the clock to neutralize a devastating act of revenge.

With the fate of the globe in his hands, will Rohrbaugh succeed before the situation explodes into radioactive annihilation?

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