Fleet Vanguard by Anthony James

Fleet Vanguard by Anthony James (Transcended #2)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 300 KB

For the human Confederation, war is never far away. Each hard-fought victory against the universe’s endless variety of alien species brings more of them crawling out of the celestial woodwork.
It begins again. A huge fleet of spacecraft emerges close to one of the Confederation’s worlds. The aliens onboard – known as Trivar – claim to be peaceful. After countless wars, the Space Corps’ high command isn’t ready to believe, and with good reason. The Trivar have many demands.

It doesn’t take long for two of the Corps’ most decorated officers to become embroiled in a war which appears impossible to win. Lieutenants Joe Nation and Becky Keller can fight and they can fly. Both skills will be required in abundance against an opponent immune to the Confederation’s most advanced weaponry.
While Nation hunts for a weakness aboard the main Trivar ship, two huge space fleets clash. Nothing is easy in this universe and the key to victory lies with humanity’s once-greatest enemy. Unfortunately, the Estral already have their hands full and they aren’t about to give their military secrets away any time soon.
It’s just another day in the never-ending fight for survival…

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